5 Easy Lead Magnets You Can Create In Under 30 Minutes

If you’ve been in marketing communities within the last 5 years, you’ve probably heard the term “lead magnet”. If you haven’t, well, now you have.

A lead magnet is a valuable resource you give away in exchange for your prospect’s contact information, like their name and email address or their phone number. You can think of lead magnets like ethical bribes because you’re encouraging them to hand over their personal info for something that they desire; your lead magnet.

Here at Amplified Results, we like to call lead magnets The Goods simply because it’s an opportunity to show that you know your stuff (using information based freebies) or that your products and services are the best solution for them!

Now that you know what lead magnets are, let me show you 7 ways to create your first (or next) one in the next 30 minutes.

Lead Magnet Implementation Strategies

The first step in creating The Goods is recognizing what it is that your prospects are trying to accomplish as it relates to your business. In this post, we aren’t going deep into that but I will in the coming week so you know how to determine what’s most valuable to them.

After all creating lead magnets isn’t just about giving away free stuff, it’s about creating compelling, useful and valuable resources that can and will help your prospects improve their lives or eliminate a pain they’re experiencing while helping them move closer to working with you.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get to creating The Goods!

1. The Good Ol’ Free Report

Yeah, I know. Reports may sound played out in the age of multimedia, but they’re still quite effective depending on your audience. The fact is, there’s still plenty of people that choose reading over audio and video. In fact, with books being published on Amazon Kindle every day, you have to realize that this is still a powerful medium to use for your lead magnet.


The length of your free report is secondary to the value of the report. That means you can have a 3 page report with the right content that’s far more valuable than a 50 page report full or general info. Now there’s no excuses when it comes to creating your report.

Knowing your prospects PFDD’s (Pains, Frustrations, Dreams and Desires) will help you craft the perfect free report that will solve just one of their biggest issues and walk them to the next course of action, working with you.

2. A Handy Dandy Cheatsheet Or Checklist

If the report is too much work for you (come on, it’s only gotta be a few pages), then the one page cheatsheet or checklist may be more up your alley. If you were a wedding photographer, you can easily create a checklist of the 5 must-have shots for make your wedding unforgettable.

Or let’s say you were going to remodel your kitchen and had immediate access to a cheatsheet showing you how to get kitchen furniture and appliances for 20% of retain costs. Would that be helpful?

Would you give someone your email address for a lead magnet like that?


While you may take your knowledge and experience for granted, there are shortcuts, resources and connections you have that would completely simplify someone else’s life or business. Take those things that you already know and use and simply put them together in one place; your cheatsheet or checklist!

You’d be amazed at how much value you have to give when you realize that what you do and how you do it is completely unique to you and would save people tons of time, money and energy if they had to find out on their own.

3. A Radical Resource Guide

Ok, this one is similar to the cheatsheet and checklist but valuable in it’s own way. A resource guide typically simplifies people’s lives because they aren’t as familiar with their options as perhaps you are (cause you’re the expert, not them)!

The resource guide can be a page or two but lists out resources your prospect can use to find a solution to their problem. Here’s a couple examples just to get your mind going. Remember, this can work for every business if you’re creative enough.

5 Tools Every Real Estate Agents Needs To Sell Their Listings In Under 29 Days

7 Super Foods That Will Shed Your Fat In No Time Flat

3 “Secret” Online Stores To Get Brand New High Fashion Brands For Clearance Prices

As you can see, each of our resource guide examples show an actual result people will get by accessing the guide. Again, you don’t really have to go out and research very much because changes are, you’re already using them and simply want to share them with others who may not be aware of these resources.

If you make The Goods juicy enough, they’ll gladly hand over their information to gain access to your guide.

4. Value Added Video

I recognize that videos aren’t for everyone, but they should be. Now in days, it’s super easy to create a video using software like Jing that captures your computer screen or your smart phone. You don’t need to have high end equipment unless you’re at that stage of your business. You also don’t need to pay high hosting fees because you can post your videos on YouTube or Facebook and share them anywhere you want.

When creating The Goods using video, simply take one powerful tip that would be extremely valuable to your audience and make it accessible only to those who’ve given you their contact info. Once they enter their name and email address on your website, you can then show them the video and begin dropping a little of your brilliance on them!

Here’s an example of one of my videos and I wasn’t even on the screen. I received a question from someone on my Facebook page and just answered what they were asking me. These short videos are incredibly valuable and created as a response to people’s PFDDs (pains, frustrations, dreams and desires).

(As you can see, it’s a low production value, yet it’s the content that matters.

5. Awesomely Helpful Audio 

This is perhaps the easiest of them all. If you can talk, you can create an audio lead magnet. It’s great because most smart phones either have a built in audio recorder or you can download an audio recording app (many are free) which allow you to record download the audio which you can then use anywhere you want.

The added value of an audio lead magnet is that people can hear it on the run, in the car or at their desk. This makes your lead magnet both portable and convenient and raises the chances of your prospects to consume your content.


If you truly want to use audio in your business, I highly recommend this conference calling service which is totally free, records your audio, let’s your download and archive them, and even provides a link to listen to the audio so you don’t even have to upload it anywhere. Check them out.

So, Which Lead Magnet Are You Going To Implement?

Ok, there you have it. You now have 5 easy options to create The Goods in your business. Without them, you’re making it needlessly complicated to get more leads in your business because you aren’t giving people a valuable resource that inspires them to hand over their info.

Having the right lead magnet doesn’t only help you start getting more leads, it begins the process of building your authority since your lead magnet is actually educating and informing them which ultimately builds trust!

Make sure to comment below and let us know which one you’re going to implement. In fact, if you post the name of your lead magnet, not only will we critique it to help increase your conversions, we may even promote it for you on an upcoming blog post.