Why Small Businesses Need A Conversion Focused Website

These days, just having a website isn’t enough to grow your small business. After all, most businesses have what we like to call “digital brochures” online, rather than conversion focused websites. If you don’t know the difference, we’ll get into that shortly.

As I mentioned, small businesses that we talk to and encounter online has digital brochure websites which provide information on themselves rather than creating a unique online experience that caters to their visitors and customers. As a result, visitors get to the website, don’t find what they’re looking for, and then click on over to the next site that does offer them value.

If you have this type of website, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s very common.

So what is a conversion focused website?

A conversion focused website is simply designed to turn casual visitors into committed customers. You do this through your design, your content, your imagery, and by delivering the goods (read this post to understand the value of Delivering The Goods)!

See, you only have 10 seconds to get a visitor’s attention in the age of information overload and overwhelm.

And if you don’t speak their language or provide the information they’re after right away, then they’re gone and possibly for good. In short, your website MUST be focused on them, not you!

If that’s the case, then doesn’t it make sense to change this trend by adopting a conversion focused website?


To help you quickly analyze if your website if conversion focused, go to your home page and see if you can answer these questions:

  • Can visitors see who your business is for? They should quickly find out if what you provide is for them or not.
  • Can visitors identify what you do? They should immediately understand what it is that you provide, or what problems you solve.
  • Do visitors know what to do next? There should be a customer path that visitors go on when they hit your home page or you risk causing confusion. Should they call, click a button, or watch a video? You must show them the way!
  • Can visitors find what they’re looking for? Your navigation and content should guide them to the appropriate information they came for. Too many options will result in them taking no action at all.
  • Is there an easy way to contact you? Since you don’t know what stage of the buying process your visitor is, it’s always a good idea to make it easy for them to contact you, whether by phone, email or a contact us page.

There you have it, a few simple steps to take to turn your digital brochure into a conversion focused website.

The good thing is, we offer a complimentary website review to help you with this process.

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