The 3 Pillars Of Business Growth

Have you wondered what it truly takes to grow your business without being overwhelmed at all the marketing and advertising possibilities most people thing about? Business growth is an important key, but it helps when you can focus on what matters most.

I remember when I first started coaching entrepreneurs back in 2008. They all had similar problems getting more client and growing their businesses. The thing was, I had the very same issue in my business. It was going

While many so-called gurus will tell you that there’s hundreds of ways to get more clients and make more money, there are only three methods you should be concerned with.

In essence, all strategic business growth comes down to these 3 things. Once you’ve learned them, you’ll quickly discover that all other marketing strategies and tactics fall into one of these (or possibly all of them).

By now, you’re probably wondering, “What Are They?”

Without further ado, here you have them:

  1. Client Acquisition or Attraction – this pillar focuses on getting new prospects and clients. Many businesses put most of their money and efforts in this category which is quite a shame. Although it is always smart to bring in the prospects into your business, this should be the very last option since this is where the most time and money are required. Besides the time and money, you’ll get the lowest results in this category when it comes to your marketing plan.
  2. Client Purchase Conversion – this is a great place to instantly see immediate income boosts. The reason is simple. This is the point when a buyer has already made the decision to give you their money so why not give them other complimentary products or services to buy. This works utilizing upsell, downsell, and cross sell strategies as well as monthly consumable items like monthly dog food, term insurance, spa treatments… You get the idea.
  3. Client Retention – so your clients have already given you money. They’re satisfied with their experience with your business. Now what? The client retention pillar is an absolute must for every business, however, most miss the boat BIG TIME! This is the least expensive strategy and it focuses on deepening the relationship with those who’ve already given you money and the best part is A BUYER IS A BUYER, IS A BUYER, IS A BUYER. They keep buying. The question is, will it be with you?

There you have it, the 3 pillars of business growth. Use one of them and you’ll increase your profits almost immediately. Use all of them, and your transform your business forever. This isn’t hype but real business strategies that work.